The Villagers

There was once a village that was burdened with a great problem. Its inhabitants sought out a great sage and asked for his help. Not being quite sure what to do, the sage answered, “Well, I need some time to think about this.” Then he went off into the nearby woods to meditate; because he was hungry, he brought an avocado with him to eat. He found a rock and began to meditate on the villagers’ problem.

While meditating, the sage suddenly had a revelatory experience. A celestial light appeared before him and he felt infused with divine knowledge. The sage now possessed the complete solution to the villagers’ great difficulty. He returned from the woods to them and announced, “I have the answer for you. Let me tell you what happened. I took an avocado and I went out into the woods. Then I sat down on a rock and I began to meditate. All of a sudden, a celestial light appeared.”

Thereupon, the villagers all asked him at once, “Which rock was it? What kind of avocado were you eating?” To this day, the villagers are still arguing over which rock the sage sat on and what type of avocado he had been eating.


It is easy to be misled today into believing that spirituality merely involves learning certain techniques. For millennia, Kabbalists have viewed their path as embracing an entire way of life.

In the same way, we can be so caught up in the specific process of spiritual development that we lose sight of the whole objective. It is our whole way of life that matters in this realm.

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