The Grain

Long ago, in a faraway land, there was a strange type of mold that affected the grain in the fields. The king knew that if his people ate this grain, they would lose their mind and go mad. He discussed the problem with his chief advisor, and decided to use the grain in the storehouses while trying to find a remedy in the afflicted grain. Time passed and the storehouses where empty, but still no remedy was found. The king decided that it was better to feed his people grain that would make them lose their mind than to let them die of starvation.

“I too will eat of this grain,” he told his advisor, “so that I will be like my people — lost in madness. From that hated place, I would be able to lead them.”

“But what of me?” said the advisor, “I will advise you, but you will not understand me.”

“You too must eat of the grain,” said the king, “but there is one more thing. Before we eat this grain, I will order all my people to put a mark on their forehead. Every morning, they must look at their reflection and see this mark and ask themselves who they really are.”


This is how the story ends, and this is how it ends for many of us. Having fed of the stuff that shutters dreams, we are left wondering who we would be if we were in our right mind. What would life be if we followed our dreams and visions of who we yearn to be? Through these dreams and visions we find our mark; the Divine purpose of our lives is revealed to us.

Make your dreams a thing of beauty. They are what is possible when barriers are removed and obstacles disappear. To dream is not to fantasize. To dream is to create first in the heart, then in the mind, and then in the world in which we live.

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