Be careful what you ask for

Be careful what you ask for. It might be much more than you can handle. It is told that Ceasar once asked Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananyah: “You people claim that your god is like a lion. If so, what is so great about that? After all, one of my horsemen can easily slay a lion!”

Rabbi Yehoshua replied: “Our god is likened not to just any ordinary lion but to the tiger, who we consider the lion of the Heavenly Forest.”

Caesar said: “I wish to see one. Show it to me.”

Rabbi Yehoshua said: “It is so fierce that you will not be able to so much as look at it.”

Caesar said: “I insist, nevertheless!”

Rabbi Yehoshua prayed to the Creator to bring one forth, and instantly the tiger was conjured from its place in the spirit realm. When it approached within four hundred miles of the earth, it roared once and all the pregnant women of Rome miscarried, and all the walls of Rome collapsed. When the tiger approached within three hundred miles of the earth, the teeth of all the men of Rome fell out, and Caesar himself fell from off his throne.

“I beg of you,” cried Caesar, “please ask your god to restore this creature to its place.”

Rabbi Yehoshua prayed to the Creator and the tiger returned to the Heavenly Forest.

——- Babylonian Talmud, Chullin 59b

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