Two Yids, Two Yuds

Once, the Yid HaKodesh asked his Hasidim, “How is it that if two Yiddin sit together and neither seeks to elevate himself over the other, God forgives them all their sins?”

Hearing no reply, the Holy Jew told this story: “When I was a young child first learning the alef-beis, I pointed to the letter yud and asked my melamed, ‘What is this dot?’

“My teacher said, ‘It is the letter yud.’

“I then pointed to two yuds together and said, ‘What shall I make of these two dots together?’

“These two yuds together,’ he told me, ‘spell out the Holy Name of God.’

“I was fascinated, and looked very carefully in the Chumash to find these two dots, these two yuds that were the Name of God. As I did so I came across two other dots, one stacked on top of the other. ‘What is this?’ I asked.

“‘That is called a colon,’ my teacher told me.

“‘These dots look like those dots,’ I said. ‘How will I remember the difference?’

“‘Easily,’ he said. ‘When the two dots sit next to each other as equals, they are the Name of God. When one lords it over the other, then they are not the Name of God.’

“From this I learned that when two yids sit next to each other as equals, they form the Name of God and are forgiven all their faults. But when you seek to raise yourself over another, then you are not the Name of God, and no forgiveness happens.”


The yud is the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is nothing but a dot. Yet, two yuds together point to the One Who is All. By yourself you are nothing, a mere speck on the face of the planet. But when you sit together with another in real meeting, the two of you are everything. Why? Because true meeting requires the recognition of another as an equal. If you seek to raise the other above yourself, or raise yourself above the other, there is no real meeting. God is present between self and other when each regards the other as an equal.


Yiddin: Yiddish for Jews.

Alef-beis: The Hebrew alphabet.

Yud: The tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. A yud (also spelled as yod) looks like this:

Melamed: Tutor.

The Holy Name of God: The four-letter Name YHVH, referring to God as all He was, is, and will ever be. The Name is often referred to by an abbreviation of two yuds.

Chumash: The Five Books of Moses, from the Hebrew chamesh, five.

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